KENT ACE RO Water Purifier Review

Kent Ace 7 Liters RO+UV/UF Water Purifier Review

Water is the most vital element of our life, and one should bestow its purity as the highest priority. One should always drink water that is filtered because water-borne diseases are caused due to the consumption of contaminated water. No matter, if the supplied water looks clean, but it may contain thousands of micro-organisms that can make you ill. So, if you want to drink 100% pure water, you should require a water purification system or an RO water purifier. With the market flooded with a different brand of water purifiers, you might be confused about which one to pick for your home. To minimize your trouble, let us discuss on review of one of the best RO water purifiers of the time i.e. KENT Ace. Use the water purifier, would ensure that you don’t compromise with your health at any cost.

Know About Kent Ace

Kent Ace is one of the brilliant range of Kent RO purifiers that are designed with RO+UV+UF with TDS Controller. This would ensure that all the impurities from the supplied water are removed and you can drink safe and pure water. The purifying combination would guarantee to make your water pure and tasty to drink. Designed using ABS food grade material, the purifier also stores up to 7 liters of water and that ensure that you never run short of water.

Moreover, with double purification process, the TDS controller added in it also wins you the trust of million people. It helps in maintaining the level of minerals in the filtered water. Apart from removing dissolved impurities, Kent Ace can also deactivate the micro-organisms and kills the harmful pathogens with its high power 11 watts UV lamp.

KENT ACE RO Water Purifier features
KENT ACE RO Water Purifier – Features

The KENT Ace RO Purifier model is better known for:

  • Durable design
  • 3 stages purification process
  • Energy Efficient
  • Can purify brackish/tap water/municipal water
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • 11 watt UV lamp

This water purifier is loved by all and it is suitable for all families because it ensures you to drink 100% pure water and stay away from waterborne illness. Scouting through one of the online shopping portal namely Amazon, it has been found that out of 304 reviews, almost 70% of the customers have marked 5, 4, and 3 stars. This itself explains that the purifier is loved by all and you can even install it in your home.

Check the KENT Ace RO Water Purifier price here on Amazon if you want to purchase it for your home.


Overall you can say that Kent Ace is a compact water purifier, which will save a lot of space in your kitchen. Its’ graphical design would enhance the look of the décor. Excellent purification technology would let you drink 100% pure water that is free from impurities. Moreover, the excellent service from Kent and quick resolution to all your queries would encourage you to not only use the product but, you would even recommend it to your friends and relatives as well.

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