A Brief Comparison Between KENT Maxx Vs Pureit Marvella UV Water Purifier

If you in the process of selecting a water purifier for your home make sure that check each and every aspect ahead of time. There are many water purifiers that are available in the market starting from RO, Gravity to UV water purifier. So, it is better that you compare the water purifiers of different range and pick the best amongst the different options. Choosing a purifier is a process where you need to consider a lot of factors like purification technology used, water filters added in the purifier, how efficient the water purifier is, purification capacity and many others. For your convenience, we would discuss a brief comparison between Kent Maxx and Pureit Marvella UV water purifiers.

Comparison Between KENT Maxx and Pureit Marvella

KENT Maxx UV Water Purifier

For those who are looking for the best UV water purifier with the detachable tank, can opt for KENT Maxx. It purifies the tap and municipal supplied water using double purification process and provides potable water that is free from any kind of impurities. The purifier at first purifies the water by UV rays and that is followed by UF filtration thereby removing all the impurities from the water making it fit for consumption. It is available online at Rs. 7, 595 and you can check here.


Let us discuss few features about Kent Maxx.

  • It has double purification technology UV+UF
  • UV lamp of 11 watts is added in the water purifier
  • It can completely filter out dead bacteria, viruses, and cysts from water
  • It has 7 liters of purified water storage tank
  • Activated carbon pre-filter is used in order to reduce bad taste and odor from water
  • It can be installed as both tabletop and wall mounted
  • The purification capacity is 60 liters per hour

  Pureit Marvella

Talking about modern day water purifier, Pureit Marvella is also another name in the list that runs on UV purification technology. The purifier is sleek and compact in design that can perfectly fit in your kitchen. You can install in either as wall mounted or even as table-top depending on your preferences. It can filter out the impurities from the feed water and make it fit for consumption. It is available online at Rs. 8, 399 and you can check here.


Some of the specifications of this water purifier are mentioned below:

  • Pureit Marvella has advanced alert system that alerts you 15 days before the Germ kill kit gets expired
  • The water purifier has auto start and stop function
  • It has tank full indicator as well
  • The purifier has 4 liters of water storing capacity
  • The purifying capacity of flow rate is 350 ml to 750 ml/minute
  • It is designed with food grade plastic material

 Conclusion: If you study the above comparison, you would find that though both the water purifier falls under the range of UV water purifier, Kent Maxx has better technical specifications and you can even purchase it at affordable rates. Compared to Pureit Marvella, Kent Maxx water purifier has 7 liters of purification capacity. It also has 11 watts of high power UV lamp. The best part is that it has a detachable storage tank that can be cleaned easily. Besides, it also has an added advantage that is the Ultrafiltration purifying technology that can easily remove the dead microbes from water and make it 100% fit for consumption.

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